Anatomy Dances at Spenser Pilates

New art Show at Spencer Pilates Arts in Forest Hills. Lesley A. Powell Creates

Anatomy Dances
Collages of watercolor and photos by Lesley A. Powell

Lesley A. Powell has been as artist all of her life.  She was first a dancer, choreographer and now a painter.  The love of movement, space, texture, the body, color and nature are major influences on her art. Lesley’s art deals with the ability to expressively change the space whether it be the stage or the painting.

As her mother tells it, Lesley Powell decided not to talk until she was three years old. She did however have an inexhaustible curiosity about the visual world around her. It was indicative of the years to come her fascination with the visual and her desire to communicate by nonverbal means permeates her work to this day.

Anatomy Dances series was created for an upcoming educational video about anatomy and teaching Pilates. Lesley wanted to show the reflection of anatomy on moving bodies.

Lesley A. Powell

(917) 902-6301

Published by Lesley A. Powell

Lesley Powell received a BFA-Dance from Temple University in 1978. She choreographed her own work and presented throughout the tri-state. Lesley was on the faculty of Drew University from 1991-2001, teaching classes in modern dance, dance history and choreography. She has been a teacher at Dr. Bacharach’s Osteopathic Center for Sports and Dance Medicine and JRW, and a physical therapy practice using Pilates for rehabilitation. She received a certificate in the Franklin Method March 2007. Lesley has been training Pilates teachers since 1999 first with the PhysicalMind Institure and now Balanced Body. She is now faculty for Balanced Body University, a Pilates Certification program, since 2007. Lesley continues to teach at Movements Afoot as well as guest lecturer internationally sharing her expertise on the body and fitness.

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