Lesley A. Powell Creates

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As first a dancer, choreographer and now a painter, the love of movement, space, texture, the body, color and nature are major influences on my art. Now the canvas/paper is my stage. Lines, colors and shapes are the movement. The set design is the composition. I am trying to find the visual metaphor of the moment: whether it be the body, abstraction or nature.

I, being a dancer and a teacher of movement and anatomy, am intrigued by the body. I studied for years the expression of the physical body and emotion through dance and mime. My art is a continuation of this pathway.

The dance on the canvas/paper is trying to capture that passion. I love working with models in short poses that can show more movement. Since I teach teachers about the body, pilates and anatomy, I started an art series, Anatomy Dances. Here I want to give the feeling of moving beyond static anatomy drawings to theĀ complexity of the body moving in space.

I also love nature. Plein Air lets me explore the beauty that I see. I try to find the essence of the landscape. Watercolor one learns to be spontaneous.

My oil painting takes me on another journey. I get more time to think about the painting. Since I am either paintingĀ at Art Students league in New York City or my home in the Catskills, my process of developing the work is different.

My collages brings together many of my watercolors in a unique juxtaposition of images. I love how the unconscious can come into play with my collages.