Anatomy Dances


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I started art again when I started a draft on the Bartenieff Fundamentals. I thought

Anatomy Dances
Anatomy Dances

that I would illustrate the writing. I signed up for Anatomy for Artists with Nicki Orbach at the Arts students league. Nicki has changed my life. She got me back to my creativity especially since I stopped dancing and choreographing. Nicki is a bit of rebel. Her teaching supports you wherever you are in your process. She does not teach about being technical perfect in your drawing but finding your inner voice.

My first couple of years with her took me more about the creativity than coming up with highly technical drawings. There are artists that can create work that looks like a photograph. I am not interested in that. Technique is important. but I especially as a dancer saw too many going for the golden egg of technique. Unfortunately without artistry and expression, I was left cold to their presentation.

I also liked drawing the models in the shorter poses than the models having the same pose all evening. The models with the shorter poses have more movement to them.  In working on a project Fusion fitness Online for an anatomy series, most anatomy books have high costs to use their materials. So I embarked on doing my own anatomy drawings. I wanted to give the art and anatomy its connection to movement. Since I had all these one minute drawings and
sometimes with 2-4 on a page, I used them to create anatomy
on their one minute dance.

Another influence on my learning Anatomy is Irene Dowd. She taught through lecture, drawing, feeling and touch for movement educators. This is what I wanted to bring to my teaching of anatomy. Doing anatomy drawings and paintings has deepened my understanding of the body and its muscular connections.

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