One Collage became Three

img_1154I started thinking of doing one collage. It became three. I have a bulletin board that I tacked the images in various orders. I couldn’t find the right single collage so it became 3 smaller collages. 

I love playing with images like a jigsaw puzzle. It brings about a composition that one would not necessarily gravitate to.




2016 getting back to my creative self

This year artistically was a very dynamic year for me. Especially with my house in the Catskills I have been able to spend more time exploring my creative side.

Starting a new Collage

img_1154I have started a new collage using some of my one minute drawing of models. I love capturing the movement of the poses using the simplest use of line and color. Then I using old watercolors to be the background. I will use acrylic to bring the images together. This time I pieced together six sections. I want to give a feeling of the dance between the panels.

Below is work on just one panel!


R.I.P Nicki Orbach, my art teacher

Pink Dancing Watercolor by Lesley A. Powell 9 X 9 $75
Pink Dancing
Watercolor by Lesley A. Powell
9 X 9 $75

I started art again when I started a draft on the Bartehieff Fundamentals. I thought that I would illustrate the writing. I signed up for Anatomy for Artists with Nicki Orbach at the Arts students league.

Nicki has changed my life. She got me back to my creativity especially since I stopped dancing and choreographing. Nicki is a bit of rebel. Her teaching supports you wherever you are in your process. She does not teach about being technical perfect in your drawing but finding your inner voice.

Even with her being sick the last couple of years, she always brought inspiration to the class with her lectures about artists,perception and anatomy.  She created a unique experience for all to grow and feel creative.  Her spirit was extraordinary.   We will missed her greatly


Pond O’ Central Park by Lesley A. Powell

This painting is from a photo taken on one of my walks through Central Park. Sometimes the camera captures light differently than the eye can see. I love the intensity of colors of the fall.

Pond O'Central Park Acrylic painting by Lesley A. Powell 22 x 28 $1500
Pond O’Central Park
Acrylic painting by Lesley A. Powell 22 x 28 $1500

For Granted in Gaudi

For Granted Gaudi Collage by Lesley A. Powell 22 x 24 $864
For Granted Gaudi
Collage by Lesley A. Powell 22 x 24 $864

This collage are from plein air paintings that I did this summer at Grant’s Tomb.  I cut the paintings up to make this large collage. I first played with the cut images like a puzzle and then clued them down.  With acrylic paint, I added on to bring the images together.

Art class tonight

Tonight in art class I went back to charcoal. I usually work
in gouache. Tonight’s model was amazing. Transgender women. Tall
and feminine. Incredible mover. She must have been over 6ft tall

Picket Fences by Lesley A. Powell

img_0004I have been fascinated by this photo for a long time. It is definitely of my mother, my father’s mother and I believe my uncle Albert. The photo probably was taken in the 50’s and I think in the suburbs.

I have played with the photo adding color and making a photo collage. I have been working on this as an oil painting since the summer.

I haven’t been happy with the figures so today I am starting over on the figures.

Picket Fences

Stay tune to more picket fences!

Gaudi Inspires At Grant’s Tomb by Lesley A. Powell

Gaudi Inspires At Grant’s Tomb


This summer I discovered Grant’s tomb at 123rd street and Riverside Drive. Around the monuments are mosaic benches inspired by Gaudi. I went up many times this summer to paint. I love the whimsical nature of the benches. Many times I went up to do plein air watercolor paintings. Watercolor one has to see the form and then be spontaneous. Overworking makes the painting muddy.

Using the images from photos and watercolor painting I began
playing with collages on the ipad and paper. From these ideas I started an oil painting. Oil painting allows a different process. One can add/subtract and then add layers. Each form: watercolor,collage and oil, invites a different play of color, texture and form..

This oil painting is still a work in progress.

Dance around a Gaudi thought
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