Lesley Powell in Black & Blue
Lesley Powell in Black & Blue

Lesley A. Powell Creates

Lesley A. Powell has been as artist all of her life. She was first a dancer, choreographer and now a painter. The love of movement, space, texture, the body, color and nature are major influences on her art.

As her mother tells it, Lesley Powell decided not to talk until she was three years old. She did however have an inexhaustible curiosity about the visual world around her. It was indicative of the years to come her fascination with the visual and her desire to communicate by nonverbal means permeates her work to this day.

Lesley was actively dancing and choreographing from 1974-1993.  Her work was presented in NYC, Philadelphia and dance events in the southwest.  She was dance faculty at Drew University. 

Since 1997 Lesley started writing and creating educational materials about the body. She travels internationally presenting workshops to Pilates teachers to take their teaching to the next level.  Since she stopped dancing and choreographing as well, she also started back to art, a passion from high school. Originally her intention was to learn how to do anatomical drawing.

Her teacher, Niki Orbach, inspired her to get back to her roots of creativity. Painting is Lesley’s new passion.  Nicki has changed her life. Niki got Lesley back to her artistic self especially since she stopped dancing and choreographing. Lesley Powell has continue her art studies at the National Academy of Art and the Arts Students League with Kamila Talbot for watercolor and with Frank O’Cain.

Her work ranges from paintings about the body, anatomy and movement to the abstraction of landscapes and bodies.  The love of the outdoors is to part of Lesley’s Plein Air Series.  She loves to do quick poses of models since the models can have more poses that are movement related.  From her work of Plein Air and working with models are inspiration for her larger paintings.

Lesley A. Powell’s, Anatomy Dances series has been seen internationally. Anatomy Dances is a series of artwork about anatomy, movement and function. Her work is part of online videos: FusionPilatesEdu and Pilates Anytime.  She is active with AMR Artists, an organization supporting artists in the Catskills area.  Her work has been presented at shows in the New York area.

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