About Lesley A. Powell

Lesley Powell in Black & Blue
Lesley Powell in Black & Blue

As her mother tells it, Lesley Powell decided not to talk until she was three years old.  She did, however, have an inexhaustible curiosity about the visual world around her.  It was indicative of the years to come.  Her fascination with the visual and her desire to communicate by non-verbal means permeates her work to this day.

Before enrolling in dance classes. Lesley was developing her own little dances in her living room and her  backyard in Philadelphia.  Every summer her grandfather expanded her creative imagination with his story telling and love of nature.  He built treehouses, teepees, rafts and made Indian costumes.

Lesley was actively dancing and choreographing.  Her work was presented in NYC, Philadelphia and dance events in the southwest.  She was dance faculty at Drew University.  Presently she teaches at Westside Dance Physical therapy.

Pink Dancing Watercolor by Lesley A. Powell 9 X 9 $75
Pink Dancing
Watercolor by Lesley A. Powell
9 X 9 $75

Lesley started art again with her writing about the body. Her first intention was to learn how to illustrate the writing. With enrolling in the class; Anatomy for Artists she met Nicki Orbach at the Arts students league.

Nicki has changed her life. Niki got Lesley  back to her creativity especially since she stopped dancing and choreographing. Nicki is a bit of rebel. Her teaching supports you wherever you are in your process. She does not teach about being technical perfect in your drawing but finding your inner voice.

Lesley Powell has continue her art studies with Kamila Talbot for watercolor and with Frank O’Cain.