Art in The Catskills by Simona David

…painter Lesley A. Powell in AMR Open Studios Tour 2018

Stairs to the Reservoir
Stairs to the Reservoir

Stairs to the Reservoir, 14″ x 10″, watercolor, 2015 by Lesley A. Powell. Contributed photo.

“The canvas is now my stage,” says multi-disciplinary artist Lesley A. Powell. Since childhood, Powell has been attracted to non-verbal means of artistic expression whether be dancing or painting. As a choreographer, her interest revolves around the dancer’s ability to change the performance space, working under the influence of German expressionist dancer Rudolf Laban. Over her decade-long career, Powell has produced numerous shows for whom she designed anything from costumes to posters, brochures, and playbills.

Pond O'Catskills
Pond O’Catskills

Pond O’Catskills,  24″ x 18″, oil painting, 2016 by Lesley A. Powell. Contributed photo.

As a visual artist, Powell focuses on human anatomy and body movement to depict either dance or circus scenes as well as nudes. She is drawn however to a broad range of media and thematics. Watercolors are prone for still life because of the space required to do the work, she explains, whereas oil paintings allow for more creativity and give the artist more time for reflection and revision. The tone, the feeling and the expression, Powell adds, are also different in oil compared to watercolor. When working in watercolor, the artist uses a more subdued color palette given the spontaneity of the medium, whereas in oil she prefers bolder and richer colors.

The Daily Star 7/25/18


…Fleischmanns artist Lesley Powell will be showing her watercolor and oil paintings of dancers and circus scenes alongside her brother Alan’s video work and painting in their large Victorian house…

“I get to show many sides of my art creation,” said Powell, who added that the tours give visitors an intimate look at an artists’ process and work space.


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